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About Mervis cafe

West Palm Beach

In 1970 my Grandfather Jose Martinez opened a Convenience store with the help of my parents, back then we called it a General Store, he named it after his daughter Mervis, and so named it Mervis’ Grocery. Very soon after, my parents Gilberto and Mervis became the sole owners and operators of Mervis’ Grocery, until the year 2002. It was located at 5281 Southern Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Fl. The store was about half a mile west of Haverhill road.

A couple of years after my parents were opened, they opened the deli. That’s when they began to make all kinds of Subs and sandwiches. They began making sandwiches that people from the town had never tried, but once they did, they became loyal customers for life. They also introduced Cuban Coffee and Café Con Leche to many.

Many enjoyed our Roasted Pork, BBQ Pork, Steak Sandwich, Combo subs, and Burgers. However, our Cuban sandwich was the most popular sandwich. People came from all over town, from all walks of life, to get a taste of our Cuban. The Palm Beach Post voted us the Best Cuban Sandwich for several years, while we were there. Correction; The Palm Beach Post’s readers voted us. These were our loyal customers, which made this happen.

This is where I grew up, mostly at this store, learning as much as I could, until I became the operator the last few years of the business.

In 2002, we closed down Mervis’ Grocery to make room for the 8 lane highway on Southern Blvd. as it is today.

Fort Pierce

Mervis’ Café & Grille & Downtown Post Office USPS Contract Unit

One year before we closed in West Palm Beach, we opened Mervis’ Café and Grille in our current location at 402 S. 5th St. Fort Pierce, Fl. It is primarily a restaurant where we still sell some of our old favorites. However, what makes us completely unique is that we have a full service United States Postal Service Contract Unit to serve our community.

Today you can try our Rice and Beans, Sweet Plantains, Tostones, Papa Rellenas, Croquettes, Empanadas, and Salads. While you are doing this you can also ship out your letters or packages.

We offer First Class, Standard Post (this is what we used to call Parcel Post), Media Mail, Certified Mail, Certified with Return Receipt, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Global Express and Insurance for your packages, copy service, fax service, and Money Gram services.

We serve the community with pleasure and pride. We are grateful that some come to our business for their shipping needs and others come for our delicious food. Many in our community come for both.

We have been in Fort Pierce now since 2001. We have had a lot of time to win over many loyal customers and made good friends in this beautiful city. The Home Town News has voted us The 
Best Cuban Restaurant for 2012 and 2013. Old customers from our days down south still find us and follow us to this day. We would like to thank all of you!

Mervis’ Café is a family operated business operated by Ivel & Ivelisse Sierra. We gained most of our business experience growing up in family businesses. Ivel, graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors’ of Business Administration, with a major in Hospitality Management. Ivelisse earned her Master’s in Business as well. After working for major hotel, restaurant chains, and corporations; we wanted to return back to our roots. Mervis’ Café and Downtown Post Office is where we get our greatest appreciation for using our skills, by serving the community in which we live and giving them a great experience.

We open Monday thru Friday 7am-3pm. We are closed Saturdays and Sundays because we believe in family values and one of those is spend time together. We believe that we as family and our employees need time to rest, be with family, friends, and worship.

We use only the highest quality & freshest ingredients possible..! All of our dishes are prepared daily to ensure the finest quality & taste.

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